Sales Manager JB-655


Netafim is hiring a sales person for the Northern Sales Team, to manage sales and after-sales-service in the Agricultural sector.

Candidati ora
  • PaeseIsrael (Magal)
  • DipartimentoSales
  • Job ScheduleFull-Time

A Day in the life

  • Finalizing sales/ deals to customers.
  • Personal responsibility for timely collection of payments from customers.
  • Personal responsibility for meeting the region's set business targets (profitability, cashflow, profitable growth).
  • Annual Work Plan (AOP) planning based on personal goals, engagement and effective teamwork.
  • Utilizing system's sales supporting professional functions all along (including customer sales service and supply chain) by effective management and task assignments to boost business performance and regional sales.
  • Comprehensive integrative supervision from project identification, entering negotiations, proposal offering and follow up, finalizing deals/ sales, supporting implementation, and providing regular after-sales-service and support.
  • Maintaining robust relationships with the circle of customers, while maximizing strategy-based sales.
  • Consistently increase the circle of customers, while winning customers from competitors as assigned in the individual plan. 
  • Establishing and maintaining communication with complimentary product suppliers at field level.
  • Maintaining streamlined communication with research and extension service field experts and other influential bodies.
  • Realizing Netafim strategy in the region, while promoting new initiatives as part of the business development goals set.
  • Partnership and involvement in setting the sales and profitability goals; creating a work plan that supports relevant business goals and plan execution; and ongoing reporting of performance results.
  • Managing business development leads in the region, mapping and spotting potential customers and maximizing sales.
  • Involvement in all sales stages including installation and final sign-off and delivery to the customer.
  • Collecting and promoting initiatives and addressing new requirements vs. District Manager.



What you'll need

  • Agricultural background or Commercial /Sales experience – necessary.
  • Previous experience in Agricultural sales – advantage.
  • Academic degree in Agronomy/ Water & Soil Sciences/ Business Administration – advantage.
  • Experience in human interface motivation – necessary.
  • Good knowledge of OFFICE and SAP software.
  • Commercial/ business orientation